Nations of Auralia - Republic of Hydrakhan


Name of  Nation: Hydrakhan
Type of Government: Technocratic Republic
Political Leaders: Jaria Metacoss

Population: 31 billion
Population Composition: 60% Hydrakhan, 40% Lycantross
Unique Species: The Hydrakhan are an Oceanic race that are seen as agile and incredibly intelligent. the Lycantross is a race made of anthro wolves. They are seen as a warlike slightly xenophobic militaristic race seeing the Hydrakhan as their father race and only being loyal to them.

Major Cultures: The Hydrakhan tend to see bowing as an insult and instead place their hand with its palm facing outward next to their heart before smiling. The Lycantross tend to salute.
Major Religions: They believe the Uru'Taki to be Living gods and believe in science.

Civil Service: All Hydrakhan are given free healthcare and what they need to survive.
Policing: policing is on a case by case basis Vigilante Justice is common place as well as citizens arrest.
Justice: Case by case. Normally the Local Jarl or Lord administers it with a jurry however as before people will tend to take justice into their own hands.

Focus: Technology and Star ship construction
Major exports: Medical, Star ship, and Purification technologies, Star ships
Major imports: Luxury Items such as Art and Alcohol

Currency: Credit
Official Language(s): Kriesmatton, Tilk, Standard, Lycantropic
Trade Procedure: Open and Friendly
Misc Information: They tend to like friendly people who aren't very serious or are young

Social Leanings: They Like Jaria and how everything is.
Economic Leanings: They like how the Government controls credit flow and how and what they are doing.
Democratic Leanings: They have a Democratically elected leader who chooses all his or her staff
Wealth Disparity: They live near arm and arm however they also only get what they need to survive plus some.
Desired Effectiveness of Government: They designed the economic system no tax.
Activism/Engagement: There is no activism minus the few angry fruitcakes
Multicultural: They tend to not care about other cultures and will not try to influence them.
Religiousness: If it exists it exists. The Uru'Taki are gods.
Mass Media Addiction: Mass Media is only seen as a news source.
General Public Health: health is good. They are able to get extremely advanced prosthetic limbs or implants but that is rare minus the implants.
Unrest: They are good with theirs

National Service: They have a conscription set up for males and volunteer programs for females. All Lycantross serve.
Quality and Quantity: Having a small military the Hydrakhan born soldiers are made to be extremely powerful warmachines. Lycantross are mass bred for war.

Orbital Bombardment Capability: Will only in order to hit military and fortified targets. Lycantross fire indiscriminately.

-Far Future Tech preferring heavy shield and armor tank with close range "brawling" style energy beam weapons and hybrid Gauss cannons.-

FTL: Wormhole travel (near instant travel but only to other areas within a 200 light year range. Takes time for the generators to charge up and requires tones of energy.
Technology: Being primarily an oceanic race the Hydrakhan technology is 100% waterproof and will work in most situations. seeing little to no use for fire arms they prefer melee combat and use melee weapons capable of piercing heavy armor. They use breathers outside of water and light armor over a tight fitted bikini style outfit and samurai style coverings over a beige, cream, or white clothing surrounded by a light energy shield. Their civilian technology is highly advanced and primarily uses holograms and small restrained AI. They have technology capable of easily terraforming planets into worlds perfect for them and uplifting other races for their needs similar to that of their puppet military state known as the Lycantross.

The Hydrakhan are a very old race having nearly 40,000,000 years of history that they are willing to share. The more important events are their uplifting some odd 300,000 years ago by an ancient race known as the Uru'Taki and almost being exterminated by three other races in accidental wars. They uplifted a land based highly aggressive race known as the Lycantross to use as a paramilitary force to protect their lands and interests as they do not have much of one on their own. (their history isn't quite done yet and is a WIP)

We tend to like other nations as long as they do not try converting us or try to use us for their own benefit. We love to play small tricks on other nations such as pitting them against others in trade wars or by temporarily outing colonies of other races among other less major pranks. They also tend to flirt a lot and are very playful and light hearted in nature being similar to the attitude of dolphins. They will have intercourse with other races for fun but this will not allow them to bare children as it is interracial.


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